Understanding Diversity, Privilege, and Power from a Diverse Deaf Perspective

0.2 PS PPO CEUs credits

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This webinar provides an overview of the concept of diversity as it relates to privilege & power within the interpreting profession and the impact of our interactions with Deaf People of Color (DPOC). The information covered in the webinar can help you: 

Increase your awareness of the various dimensions of diversity as it relates to Deaf People of Color. 
Examine your own cultural identity and how that identity affects your relationships with Deaf people of Color (DPOC). 

Become more aware of your own attitudes, perceptions, and feelings about various aspects of diversity. 
Make a commitment to increase your understanding of diversity, privilege, power issues, and fostering inclusiveness when interpreting with Deaf People of Color.
Purple Communications and Sorenson Communications are Approved RID CMP Sponsors for continuing education activities. This Professional Studies program, Understanding Diversity, Privilege, and Power from a Diverse Deaf Perspective is offered for 0.2 PS PPO CEUs at the Little/None Content Knowledge Level.

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About Suzette Garay:

I am Deaf Person of Color (DPOC) and a third generational Latina(x) from South America, Nicaragua and a third member of my family who was born Deaf.  I hold the following degrees: BA, MA. PSY.S, and a Ph.D. My major areas of studies are Special Education with an emphasis on Deafness and Learning Disabilities, Psychology, and teaching of American Sign Language.  I am currently a retired Educational Psychologist and teach online psychology courses and sign language courses as an adjunct instructor with several colleges online. I also own private practice working with many families, individuals, and private business owners about interpreting, accessibility, diversity, and advocacy with diverse DHH consumers.


I also have the following qualifications: 25+ years of direct teaching, evaluating, and mentoring with Special Education students, ASL/Interpreter students, working interpreters, and/or community business members whom use American Sign Language for communicating with their consumers.  I also have invaluable personal experience and success teaching, evaluating, and mentoring diverse deaf individuals and/or consumers from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds.


I have taught distance education online courses and workshops in ASL Linguistics, special education, and disability issues throughout the Midwest and at the international or national levels.  I am also a nationally certified American Sign Language Instructor and state certified master consultant and professional development trainer who enjoys working with families and very young children teaching them how to utilize American Sign Language with preverbal babies.

Webinar Overview

Participants will receive a pre-assessment form with questions related to diversity topics. 

Dr. Suzette Garay has over 30 years of experience working with interpreters in several capacities: teaching, training, and mentoring. 

Dr. Garay is involved in several state-wide grant projects focused on diversity training and inclusiveness. 

What is diversity?

What does it mean to you? 

Let’s start with writing down your own definition.  Go ahead get a piece of paper and write it down or find a definition that suits you?  After you've written it down, put it aside until you finish this webinar and then take look at it again.  Does it change for you? Why or Why not?

Participants will receive a Post-Assessment form that will identify their involvement and understanding of diversity topics covered in the webinar. 

Participants will provide feedback via a presenter evaluation form. 

  1. A RID Evaluation will be provided. 
  2. A Post-Assessment Questionnaire will be provided for completion after the webinar in the Diversity Academy Online community forum for post discussions.

This course is being offered for 0.2 PS PPO (Power, Privilege, and Oppression) CEUs: 1 hour  webinar presentation & 1 hour of participation in the online community discussion forum following the webinar. 

Diversity Academy Online provides:


Pre/post assessment questions

Active participation in the online discussion forum 


You must be a member of Diversity Academy to earn and receive CEUs for each monthly webinar. This webinar is included with membership. 


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